Welcome to Penelope's Place, formerly Womansplace Crisis Center


If you are in need of help in a domestic violence situation, call us today at 508-588-8255.
Our hotline is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Penelope's Place knows the abusive circumstances under which women and men leave their homes to save their lives - and in some cases, their children's lives. At Penelope's Place, we help survivors balance their healing from trauma with their need to acquire critical life skills to prepare for transitions to more independent living.

Our 5-bedroom domestic violence shelter is open  to anyone fleeing domestic abuse or violence.  Trained staff and other professionals provide vital services such as individual and group counseling, financial planning assistance, child therapy, and assistance with restraining orders. 

Medical, legal and housing advocacy are also available to Penelope's Place residents, and classes and workshops support the social, emotional, and economic independence of our residents. 


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